Monday, September 18, 2006

KOLR News at 11 Misleads on Voter ID

KOLR News had misleading information concerning the law requiring photo ID for voters, recently struck down by the court. Hopefully, they will correct this information for future broadcasts. Below is a copy of my e-mail to them, and their reply to me stating the information was from the Dept of Revenue.

Their official statement gives the impression that the voter still needs a photo ID to vote.

Your News today at 11 had misleading information about the photo ID for voters.

Since the voter ID has been struck down, all the voter needs is their voter registration card to present at the polling place, as usual.

Your broadcast stated that the state would now charge $11 for a photo ID for voter registration. That $11 fee would be for a non-drivers photo ID card, that the state of Missouri issues to non-drivers for identification should they desire one.

Please clarify the information on your broadcast for those already confused about this matter

KOLR replied to my e-mail :

Hello,We checked our information, and this comes directly from the Missouri Dept. ofRevenue. Thanks for watching.PVD

Here is the information from the Department of Revenue web site:

For Immediate ReleaseDate: September 15, 2006Contact: Maura BrowningPhone: (573) 751-8222
Court's Order Forces Department of Revenue to Suspend Photo ID Work
JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Department of Revenue is suspending its implementation of the Missouri Voter Protection Act, as required by Thursday’s Court Order issued by the Cole County Circuit Court. Effective on Monday, non-driver licenses for voting purposes will cost $11 at contract offices, and the Department is temporarily suspending mobile unit visits to nursing homes, senior centers, and other facilities.
Director Trish Vincent has contacted the Attorney General, requesting that the Court amend its Judgment to permit free non-driver licenses for voting purposes and mobile unit visits pending appeal. Should that occur, the Department is ready to immediately restart mobile visits and issue non-driver licenses for voting purposes at no cost.
“I am disappointed that the Court’s Order is so broad that it enjoins ‘all employees’ of the state -- including Revenue’s -- from implementing this good law,” said Director Trish Vincent. “We have citizens eagerly awaiting mobile unit visits who will be disappointed and inconvenienced. I hope we will soon be permitted to continue our important work pending appeal.”
Before the Court’s Order, the Department had issued 2,074 free non-driver licenses for voting purposes. Sixty-six confirmed visits to nursing homes and other facilities are on hold due to the Court’s Order.


The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Well, they're not "free" IDs - we taxpayers foot the bill. But I'm nitpicking.

Honestly, the state could be handing free IDs AND money to the affected potential voters, and the anti's would STILL be against it.

Think I'll tell the bank they have no business asking for my drivers' license next time I cash my paycheck...

Betty B. said...

Lib Guy,

The Republicans in Jefferson City rushed the timeline on this law to purposely disenfranchise voters in the November election. This puts a strain on the voters, many of whom are struggling to provide the additional documentation to renew their driver's licenses.

Driving is a privilege. Voting is a right.

I think the legislators can come up with a better way to regulate the voting process, and give it an adequate amount of time to be implemented.

Since you are currently running for office, what is your plan?