Sunday, September 03, 2006

Good News For Heroin Addicts

The recent harvest of the opium poppy crop in Afghanistan was up 60% from last years total, reported in today's BuzzFlash editorial. The poppy harvest will translate to 610 tons of heroin (world demand is at 450 tons). Just reporting the good news for heroin addicts of the world. U.S. addicts will be particularly happy to have an alternative to the fentanyl-laced Mexican heroin which has been responsible for numerous deaths.

Now for the bad news. The opium trade is financing warlords and insurgents in Afghanistan, including the recently deposed Taliban, threatening the stability of the fragile democracy established at the expense of American lives and (mega)millions of our tax dollars.

Way to go Dubya. Mission accomplished?

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The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Actually, can't really tag GeeDub with this one... it goes back, waaay back, to the beginnings of the War on [some] Drugs. Start your Google search with "Harry Anslinger", work your way through "asset forfeiture" and other related evils. You'll likely get madder with each keystroke.