Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Eric Alterman Fired From MSNBC

After 10 years of penning the Altercation blog at MSNBC, Eric Alterman has been canned. He will move the Altercation blog to Media Matters beginning September 18.

From his blog yesterday, he speculates on reasons for his dismissal:

I have never even spoken with the Web site’s current editor-in-chief, nor has anyone communicated with me beyond my immediate circle of editors. Outspoken liberals in the MSM have long been an endangered species. (From the beginning, a Wall Street Journal editorial page writer attacked the site for "conferring mainstream legitimacy on Eric Alterman.”) Even less common, I suppose, are Web sites that feel free to criticize their corporate parents, the pollution they cause, the lying, incompetent, ideologically extremist and corrupt presidents they coddle, and perhaps most especially, the all-but incomprehensible choices they make when doling out cable TV news programs. It would surprise no one if this site caused some discomfort at 30 Rock, if and when they happen to notice it.

Alterman will continue to write for the Nation and the Center For American Progress. He is also professor of English at City University of New York.

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