Monday, September 18, 2006

Bush Hobnobs With Hate Radio Hosts

From Media Matters:

President Bush summoned several hate radio talk show hosts to the White House this past Friday for a 90 minute off-the-record chat. According to Neil Boortz, " the subject matter ranged through domestic policy, immigration, the war on terror, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Jordan. President Bush talked of the leaders of countries ranging from Great Britain to China to Japan to Iran."

Also in attendance were Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mike Gallagher and Michael Medved. Rush Limbaugh was invited, but was unable to attend.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
"Though he said this session was supposed to be off the record, Gallagher described it at some length, including Bush’s observation to the right-wing radio jocks that the War on Terror has to be about right versus wrong, “because if it’s about Christianity versus Islam, we’ll lose."

These hate-mongers are the key mouthpieces for presenting the radical right agenda in a manner that would be officially inappropriate. During a campaign period, with the GOP dominance of congress hanging in the balance, this little chat will motivate them to new lows in whipping up their brainwashed listeners.

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