Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Decider Farts for Fun

If you are wondering what, oh what, our Decider is doing while not vacationing, this may provide the answer.

By way of BuzzFlash the 8/20/06 U.S. News & World Report in a Washington insider piece by Paul Bedard:

Animal House in the West Wing

He loves to cuss, gets a jolly when a mountain biker wipes out trying to keep up with him, and now we're learning that the first frat boy loves flatulence jokes. A top insider let that slip when explaining why President Bush is paranoid around women, always worried about his behavior. But he's still a funny, earthy guy who, for example, can't get enough of fart jokes. He's also known to cut a few for laughs, especially when greeting new young aides, but forget about getting people to gas about that.

As an aside, Thank You, to for allowing me to listen to my one millionth erectile dysfuntion ad while scanning this piece.

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