Tuesday, October 10, 2006

MO Senate Race Targeted By Republicans

If you feel a little overwhelmed by the number of anti-Claire commericials, this could be the reason why. The RNC, along with the NRSC, has chosen Missouri as one of three states in which to unleash an avalanche of ads, hoping to hang on to their majority in the Senate.

From BreitBart.com:

Republicans Target 3 Senate Races
Oct 09 5:13 PM US/Eastern

By DAVID ESPOAP Special Correspondent

In an unusual move, the Republican National Committee is investing heavily in television advertising in Senate races in Ohio, Tennessee and Missouri in what officials describe as a firewall strategy designed to limit Democratic gains in the Nov. 7 elections and maintain the GOP majority.
The move reflects a desire on the part of Ken Mehlman, the Republican Party chairman, and other strategists to exercise more control over the drive to retain a majority, according to several Republican officials. They said the decision has caused friction with officials at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which historically has been the only party entity to run commercials on behalf of its candidates.

The NRSC, chaired by Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., has also invested heavily in advertising and related expenses in those races, spending about $2.4 million so far in Missouri, $3 million in Ohio and $1.5 million in Tennessee.

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