Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ashcroft Implicated in Foley Scandal

As the Foley scandal unfolds, it appears that his recently exposed misdeeds are just the tip of the iceberg. The cover-up apparently goes back several years, and involves GOP staffers in both houses who were involved in inappropriate sexual conduct with male pages. The leaks to ABC News may have come from individuals in the Justice Department and FBI who were frustrated by failure of both Ashcroft and Gonzales to address the matter.

From Wayne Madsen, " The Pagegate scandal also involves senior officials of the Republican National Committee, located near the House Office Buildings, according to our Capitol Hill sources." The head of the RNC, Ken Mehlman, has been confronted about his status as a closeted homosexual, but he has never officially confirmed his sexual orientation. Mehlman served as the campaign manager for Bush in 2004. The Washington Blade has more.

The Wayne Madsen Report also speaks to the involvement of Jeb Bush, who has known about Foley's misdeeds for quite some time, but has been sitting on the information to protect Charlie Crist, who is the GOP candidate for governor. Crist has reportedly attended gay parties with Foley, but positions himself as a consertive Christian who is anti-gay.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

From the Wayne Madsen Report:

October 3, 2006 -- WMR has learned from informed sources in the Justice Department that the salacious e-mails from Rep. Mark Foley were leaked to ABC News by career Justice Department prosecutors and FBI agents who are incensed that Attorneys General John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales covered up the House page scandal for political reasons. The back story of Pagegate is that there was a criminal conspiracy by the top political leadership of the Justice Department to cover up the predatory activities of Foley and other GOP members of Congress since at least 2003 and, likely, as early as 2001.

Other informed sources in the nation's capital report that Pagegate will soon implicate a number of GOP staffers in both the House and the Senate who intimidated and pressured male pages into inappropriate sexual relationships. One source confided that the staff members' contact with pages was "more egregious" than Foley's behavior.

The Pagegate scandal also involves senior officials of the Republican National Committee, located near the House Office Buildings, according to our Capitol Hill sources.
The bottom line is that the GOP is facing its worst political scandal since Watergate and the White House, already under assault from the revelations in Bob Woodward's insider account of the Bush presidency and the Iraq war, has told GOP members of Congress that they are on their own as far as Pagegate damage control is concerned


REB 84 said...

Its amazing how the American media works. We have lost fifteen more American service people over the last couple days, and what is getting attention? Its just another sex scandal. And it wasn't even real sex.

Florida Republican Rep. Mark Foley's instant message records indicate he is a dude who gets off on fantasy cyber sex with teenaged boys. I believe this is the first virtual sex scandal in Washington DC political history.

Back here in the real world, American men and women are killed, maimed and scarred, both physically and emotionally every day. War is hell. Finally, the mainstream media is beginning to support our troops by speaking the truth about their sacrifices. more

Betty B. said...

reb 84,

As I read the transcript of the Foley IM communications with pages, he does refer to face to face meetings with young men, and one invites the young man to his home, and refers to drinking alcohol, etc.

When a person in power uses that power to sexually seduce those beneath him, it is doubly morally reprehensible. And when it involves 16 year old boys/girls who are a long way from home and under protection of House and Senate it is a deserving subject of media and public scrutiny.

Obviously, if you have read my previous posts, I was never in favor of the war in Iraq, and did not vote for any Republican who currently is in office.

Many if not most of the Republicans who are in office, were put there by voters who were persuaded by a far-reaching campaign of persuasion whose #1 issue was rallying the homophobic among us to come to the polls and vote Republican, because they are the party of family values.

They are the wolves in sheeps clothing who say one thing and do whatever they please. Unless we vote them out and bring in new faces who have a conscience, as concerns the sacrifice of lives in Iraq as well as matters at home, all this conversing is for naught.

We must find a way to turn the rotten apples out of office, if Bush is to be challenged to do the right thing in his remaining two years.

We must find a way to get through to the voters who have been hoodwinked into voting against their best interest because of the GOP's false representation of moral superiority. Hopefully, the Foley scandal will get through to the voters, because three years of vociferous protest to the war (by some) have had no effect.

Betty B. said...

Blogger Seven Star Hand sent a long philosophical piece from his blog which you can read at his web site: