Thursday, October 26, 2006

Limbaugh, Michael Fox & Stem Cell Research

The Mother of one of my friends died recently from Parkinson's. The last few years of her life were consumed by a never-ending quest to balance a number of medications that were keeping her alive. If stem cell research could help find better treatments or a cure for Parkinson's and other diseases, what a blessing that would be.

If Rush Limbaugh, who reaches a reported 13 million listeners weekly, wants to shop for OxyContin, or medicate his erection with a phony Viagra prescription on an overnight vacation to the Domincan Republic, it's A-OK. His characterization of the Michael Fox ad is repugnant.

Nancy Reagan came out in favor of stem cell research, as has John Danforth and even our own Blunt, Jr.

Please, speak out to your friends and relative who vote about the real stakes in this issue, and vote yes for lifesaving cures.

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