Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

The senate is considering expanding oil drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps they could just drill in the "dead zone" which now covers an ominous 6,662 square miles, an area the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined. Read more at CBSnews.com.


Duane Keys said...

So you're opposed to further drilling the gulf?

Betty B. said...

Yes, I'm opposed, but if they have to drill there should be plenty of room in the dead zone. Developing clean energy sources, especially solar should be our number one priority, in my opinion.

The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Speaking of "dead zones"... well, ANWR may not be *dead*, but neither is it the paradise as portrayed by those who oppose using this resource.

Yes, we need alternatives - I'm on record as saying we need to let American farmers grow hemp for fuel; we can add that to the pile of sources, even if the Drug Warriors don't like it - but, in the meantime, we can drill for oil, on OUR turf, while the alternatives are being developed.

Anonymous said...

To the Libertarian guy.

I am a libertarian that lives in South Louisiana. The Dead Zone is hypothesized to be caused by Pesticide use. Pesticides enter the Mississippi River and are deposited in the Gulf.

Cotton production is responsible for 50% of all pesticides used in the world today.

Cotton production is primarily grown on the Mississippi Delta bordering the Mississippi River.

It doesn't take a genius to figure it out that because of our Hemp laws that ban their use, we now have to use cotton.

So, logically speaking, the Gulf Dead Zone can be linked to the Marijuana laws which bans the use of Hemp.