Friday, August 11, 2006

Voter Registration--Voter ID

Often, I ask friends, relatives and even total strangers if they are registered to vote. If the answer is no, I try to steer them to the nearest place to get registered.

Now, the task is two-fold, because for the first time this November, Missouri voters must have a VALID photo ID card. Many people I know are having a difficult time getting the paperwork together to renew their driver's license.

Every candidate's web site should have Voter Registration and Voter ID information.

Nancy Hagan has a great page on Voter Registration. In Greene County, all branches of the Springfield-Greene County Library have voter registration forms.

For Voter ID requirements scan this page on the Secretary of State's website. In order to get your ID you will need social security card, birth certificate and marriage license or supporting evidence if you have had a name change. These must be official documents, copies will not do. All branches of the Friends of Matt Blunt Revenue Department should have this information, and help with problems you encounter.

It remains to be seen what effect this will have on the November election, but it has the potential to prevent many of the chronically disorganized from voting.

Please ask the people close to you if they will be eligible to vote and help them through this process should they need assistance. Time is of the essence.

Thank You In Advance,



The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

I know, it's an old argument, but: If you have to show an ID to cash a check, you should have to show one to vote.

Voting is a hell of a lot more important than the prospect of someone receiving a bum rubber check. I really don't see why one shouldn't be required to prove they're who they are at the polls and that they are registered to vote.

Betty B. said...

Of course it is a fine idea. But when a Republican governor and legislature rushes a rule like this into effect, I suspect that it will adversely affect poor and elderly voters who would normally vote Democratic.

I know several people who are driving on expired licenses right now because they do not have all the paperwork needed.

The coming elections could be decided by a few votes, so now more than ever, getting voters registered and in possession of valid ID is, according to some, the deciding factor in who gets elected.