Sunday, July 30, 2006

Net Neutrality Revisited

As I surf the net reading cool blogs, I frequently come across the banners that ask me to Save The Internet. And I think, save it from what? Finally, I go to the site to enlighten myself.

My hasty scan of the site tells me that the mega-conglomerate phone and cable companies have thus far spent $100,000,000 on lobbying for the abandonment of net neutrality. This would give them carte blanche to make more billions than we can imagine in charging the consumer (both indivduals and businesses) for what we can access and at what speed we can access it.

Just think how this would put a damper on our current cyber-partying ways, not to mention our radical political communications. could be just a fond memory. You will note that of the Senators who have committed themselves thus far, the Democrats are in favor of net neutrality and the Republicans are against. I smell a rat.

Please check it out, they explain it so much better than I can. And then sign the petition and write/call your Senator to urge them to insert a net neutrality clause into this bill.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty B.


Rock said...

Betty B.,

As you know, I am a Republican, and I am on your side on this issue. Anything I can do to help I will.

I find your site very reasoned and I'm glad there are people in the world like you blogging.


Betty B. said...


I had not yet found your blog. I'll read through it and see if I can figure out why you are a Republican, a subject I ponder a lot these days. Thanks for the encouragement.