Monday, August 14, 2006

Voter Suppression in Missouri

Today's edition of Fired Up Missouri has a link to the Washington Post's Op-Ed columnist and Missouri native Jabari Asim criticizing Matt Blunt's signing of the Voter ID law. also highlights the Missouri Voter ID dilemma today in Salon's Shameful Six, which has details of voter suppression schemes in five addtional states.

The Voter ID law, according to Salon, could disenfranchise as many as 200,000 voters, most of them black, poor, Democratic voters from the urban areas. It also points out that many of these voters are the same people affected by Blunt's cuts in Medic-Aid benefits to poor and disabled Missourians. This would most likely assure Jim "Bi-Partisan" Talent an easy win over Claire McKaskill.

A similar law was struck down by the courts in Georgia, but upheld in Indiana (appeal pending). Missouri courts have the matter under consideration. Let's hope they see the light, and throw it out.

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