Sunday, August 27, 2006

Right Back At Ya--WRONG

Will Durst posted comments on the recent Presidential press conference on AlterNet. He identifies a new buzz word in the GOP lexicon-- Wrong.

Dubyah introduced the new official buzz phrase of the Iraqi occupation: the word "wrong." Cutting and running is "wrong." The Democrats are patriotic but "wrong."

So, here's it comes, Bush administration, right back at ya-

Wrong to ignore intel warnings and continue your brush-cutting vacation
Wrong to mislead Congress, the nation and U.N. about WMD
Wrong about "shock & awe"
Wrong about the Iraqis welcoming us with open arms
Wrong about "collateral damage" and the loss of thousands of innocent civilian lives
Wrong to send our troops in with inadequate equipment resulting in unnecessary loss of life and limb
Wrong about the number of troops needed to secure Iraq
Wrong to not anticipate the influx of terrorist insurgents in Iraq
Wrong about nation building in Iraq and anywhere else for that matter
Wrong about leaving your mess for the next president to clean up
Wrong to put the needs of Haliburton before the needs of Americans
Wrong to allow record profits for your friends in Big Oil, at the cost of
the precious lives of our military forces
Wrong to squander the nations' resources in record-breaking deficit spending
Wrong to squelch and slant media coverage of your administration's pathetic
Wrong about conducting illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens without a warrant
Wrong about the environmental crisis
Wrong about diverting to Iraq, Louisiana National Guard personnel and equipment needed to rescue Gulf Coast residents from the
devastation of hurricanes and floods, resulting in lives lost
Wrong to cripple FEMA and put an unqualified person in charge
Wrong to condone the outing of a CIA agent for your own political gain
Wrong to label your critics as traitors and unpatriotic for the last six years, only now to change your mind and make like Mr. Nice Guy

Readers, you fill in the blanks. This list could go on forever and a day.

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