Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rupert Murdoch Goes Green

Global warming deniers must be a little confused today.

From News Hound:

Holy Conundrum, Batman! News Corp, Parent of FOX News Going Green!

Reported by
Marie Therese - May 10, 2007 -

Buried in the FOX STOX segment of yesterday's Your World with Neil Cavuto was this stunning announcement.
Rupert Murdoch has declared that News Corporation will be "carbon neutral" by 2010. Since FOX News Channel is a part of News Corporation, one wonders how its hosts and guest will "alter" their anti-enviromentalist, anti-global warming reportage to fit this startling development. Does this mean that Sen. James Inhofe will no longer be allowed to spout his idiotic theories on global warming on FOX? Will Hannity finally stop bashing Al Gore? Presumably, there will be
much more "in depth" analysis today on Cavuto's "premiier" business show.

Also of interest:

A Fox News poll from 2/7/07 had these surprising results:

NEW YORK — Most Americans believe in
global warming, according to
the latest FOX News poll, and a majority thinks it is caused at least in part by human behavior, though many believe normal climate patterns are a factor.The national poll, conducted before the release of the United Nations’ report on climate change last week, finds that fully 82 percent of Americans say they believe in
global warming, up from 77 percent in October 2005, while 10 percent disagree and 8 percent are unsure.
Democrats (91 percent) and independents (84 percent) are much more likely to say global warming exists than Republicans (72 percent),
although sizable majorities of all demographic groups are in agreement.

When those who believe in global warming are asked what they think is the main cause of the situation, there is widespread belief that human behavior — such as driving and burning too much fossil fuel like coal and oil — is a contributor to the problem. Four in ten Americans say people are to blame outright (41 percent) and another 38 percent think it is a combination of human action and normal climate patterns. Few believe that global warming is an entirely natural occurrence (14 percent).

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