Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Monica Goodling Testifies With Immunity Today

Monica Goodling testifies today before the House Judiciary Committee regarding her role in the irregularities alleged to have taken place in the firing of U. S. Attorneys. She is also alleged to have played a major role in selective hiring maneuvers to exclude those whose credentials seemed to suggest a liberal slant.

Monica Goodling was former counsel to Alberto Gonzales and the Justice Department's liason to the White House. She is a 33 year old graduate of Pat Robertson's Regent University with six months of prosecutorial experience.

From Think Progress, U.S. Attorney David Iglesias said he believes that Goodling holds the “keys to the kingdom” in terms of uncovering the roots of the U.S. Attorney purge:

"I think Monica Goodling is holding the keys to the kingdom. I think if they get her to testify under oath with a transcript, and have her describe the process between the information flow between the White House counsel, White House and the Justice Department, I believe the picture becomes a lot clearer."

TPM Muckraker points to profiles of Goodling in The Los Angeles Times and Washington Post this morning. Paul Kiel at TPM has the " impression that Goodling was a true believer. From her high perch in the Justice Department, Goodling worked to make sure that the Justice Department was staffed with staunch conservatives. "

An observation from Think Progress. Hiring for such positions based on political affiliation is a violation of federal law.

Why should we care? The tangled web includes the dismissal of U.S. Attorneys in Missouri and Arkansas with a little voter fraud scam and attempted intimidation of John Ashcroft thrown in for good measure.

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