Thursday, May 24, 2007

Goodling Testimony: Graves Was Under Investigation

TPM Muckraker has complete coverage of the Monica Goodling testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. She stated that Todd Graves " had been under investigation by the department's inspector general when he was asked to step down. She did not say what the investigation was about. She also said that she did not remember anything about voter fraud being a reason for his firing. "

The Columbia Tribune has a report from the AP that adds:

Goodling’s testimony focuses new attention on the revelation earlier this month that a former counsel to Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., called the White House in the spring of 2005 to urge that Graves be replaced because of the fee office controversy.

Around the time Graves was asked to resign in January 2006, U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins of Little Rock, Ark., was investigating whether there was any wrongdoing in the awarding of Missouri license office contracts.

The News-Leader also presents a AP report, but does not tie in the fee office implications. Chatter has comments on the Goodling testimony, as does The Turner Report.

Fired Up Missouri has three postings from Howard Beale.

The Kansas City Star comments "In testimony full of revelations, admissions and accusations, Monica Goodling — a key figure in the U.S. attorneys’ firing firestorm — dropped a smoldering ember into Missouri politics Wednesday." in a well-balanced report from Dave Helling.

Todd Graves is scheduled to testify in June.

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