Monday, April 23, 2007

The Brad Blog Highlights Blunt Connections to Cummins Firing

Don't miss investigative blogger Brad Friedman as he weighs in today at The Brad Blog with a long post on the Blunt/Fee Office/DOJ scandal. He draws from the ongoing coverage at Fired Up Missouri and other state and local sources, including the SBJ article from May 2006.

The role of Mark F. "Thor" Hearn of Lathrop & Gage lawfirm is highlighted. The Brad Blog has been keeping tabs on the activities of Thor Hearn for quite some time and his activities as founder of the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR). According to Brad, the ACVR "was, in turn, behind virtually every report, initiative, claim, piece of legislation, Congressional testimony, legal case, "official commission" or public statement concerning the cooked-up case for the mythical epidemic of Democratic "voter fraud" that has been at the heart of the GOP/White House/DoJ attempts at vote-shaving via politicization and suppression at the ballot box since at least 2004."

Several years of Brad's investigation into the ACVR are archived on his blog at Brad also assures us that as much of the material about Thor Hearne and his activities is scrubbed from internet sources, he has saved that info for future reference.

Thanks Brad, great reporting.

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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU and Brad and everyone else who has provided info on Thor Hearne. The residents of Grantwood Village wondered what happened to him but had no idea that our one time Village counsel was so infamous. He left his mark on our board of directors but, fortunately, those five bedfellows who act as they please regardless of citizen input, are about to be ousted two by two. Keep up the good work.