Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Governor For Sale

That 30-some percent of Missourians who approve of Matt Blunt's performance as governor are willing to pony up some big bucks to support his upcoming political campaign.

The elimination of contribution limits has resulted in an early windfall for Blunt, including $200,000 in contributions from Texas homebuilder Bob Perry and his wife Doylene. Perry is the man behind the deceptive Swift Boat ads that adversely affected John Kerry's Presidential bid in 2004.

Also chipping in a total of $200,000 is David and Ethelmae Humphreys of Tamco Roofing Products, Joplin, MO. Jerry and Patricia Hall of Monett, MO weighed in with a combined total of $125,000.

Contributing $100,000 each were Stanley Herzog, Herzog Construction, St. Joseph, MO; Rex Sinquefield,
Show-Me Institute, Westphalia, MO; Dennis Jones, Retired, St. Louis, MO; and a Georgia contributor, William Ulm, MLU Service, Inc., Bogart, GA. Jeffrey, Marilyn and Merle Fox, Harbour Group Investments, St. Louis also gave a total of $100,000.

Donations from those giving $100 or less totaled $12,596.50. So much for the little people.

Source for data
Missouri Ethics Commission.

The Turner Report, Fired Up Missouri

1 comment:

Mark said...

Wow. Two-hundred-thousand from someone named "Doylene."

I'm a basic sort of person. A handshake, I believe, tells you a lot about a person.

I met and interviewed Blunt in '04 when he was running. He was an egotistic jerk.

And nothing has changed.