Friday, July 28, 2006

Boycott Hate Radio Sponsors

We are swimming in a sea of hate radio. In the Ozarks we have few options for anything approaching rational viewpoints aside from the NPR broadcasts. The constant barrage of vile hatred that comes from these stations is brainwashing it's listeners and creating a permanent divide in our society. The cumulative result of years of this assault on "liberals" has racheted the entire focus of our public discourse to the far right fringe. Now we have Fox News spewing the same propagana, and all media outlets are being pressured to include the radical right views and to denigrate, demonize or make light of liberal viewpoints. If we are to live in a society that has freedom of speech, I realize that we must tolerate a multitude of viewpoints. However, we do not have to reward the sponsors of hate radio and hate TV with our business. Let's start a boycott of those who advertise on hate media. If half of us fall on the other side of the equation, that would make a serious dent in their revenue. They will pay attention and withdraw their ads if enough people protest through letters, emails and stop buying their products and services. I find it excruciating to listen for more than a minute, so at this moment I don't have any suggestions of advertisers to boycott. Please help me compile a list, and I'll publish it here.

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