Thursday, August 20, 2009

Health Care According to the Show-Me Institue

Todays News Leader has lots of statistics about health care from the Show-Me Institute, a right-wing think tank funded by wealthy Republican Rex Sinquefield. Rex has shown us all a better world. Envsion this:

Health care for all is just a fantasy.

Let's imagine that Show-Me Institute mogul Rex Sinquefield invested all his money with Bernie Madoff, and now he has fallen on hard times. He can't afford to pay his insurance premiums or pay his doctor or hospital bills. Do we feel sorry for Rex? No, not really.

Rex is having chest pains at 123 Fat Cat Lane in Columbia, MO. But wait, can we send an ambulance out there if we can't make a profit off Rex? Can we admit him to the hospital if he can't pay the bill? No, absolutely not. Money is God in the world of the Show-Me Institute. Rex should know this, it was his brain child of how to make money above all else.

Thanks, Rex for showing us the error of being kind to each other and ministering to the sick. It's all about money and free markets and yachts for those who pile up the profit.

Great advice from the Show-Me Institute. I think I see the error in my thinking now.

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