Monday, August 17, 2009

Health Care Is A Human Rights Issue

My letter to the president:

Dear President Obama,

Health care is a human rights issue. It is inhumane to deny access to 45 million Americans. Consider the thousands who line up for free care at tent cities set up by Health Expedition.

We are the wealthiest country in the world. Yet our health care dollars are being siphoned off by insurance companies and the drug industry. Compare our health spending with that of other countries:

Per capita health care spending (2003):

United States: $5711
France: $3048
Germany: $2983Denmark: $2743
Italy: $2314
United Kingdom: $2317
Japan: $2249

All of these countries deliver health care to every citizen, but not the U.S. France is rated #1 by the WHO, while we are rated #37. We can deliver excellence. You as president must stand up to profiteering in the health care business. If you cannot, and deliver us a crappy bill that makes matters worse instead of better, I will not support you in 2012.

We can have a single payer system such as Medicare for all, with supplemental plans, or we can have regulated private insurers and price controls on drug companies as in Germany. Either way the insurance and drug companies have to give up their gravy train.

Sick and dying Americans need your help. My sister was fired after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, presto, no insurance. My friend ***** was just diagnosed with Cervical cancer. She cannot afford treatment, but she has a little equity in a house so does not quality for MedicAid. She is treating herself with a raw foods diet. I think we both know what the end result will be.

Please get yourself together and be an advocate for a health care solution that makes sense. You have a majority in the congress. Make the case for we the people. It is the right thing to do, and it is what you promised us.



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