Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Zombie Of VooDoo Economics Resurrected

From a comment on the blog of Paul Krugman:


*the economic skills of Herbert Hoover,
*the foreign policy acumen of Lyndon Johnson
*the compassion of Calvin Coolidge
*the good luck of Jimmy Carter
*the voodoo witch doctor of Ronald Reagan (contributed by bettyb)
*the brainpower of Warren Harding
*the respect for civil liberty of John Adams (Alien and Sedition Act, anyone?)
*the honesty of Richard Nixon
*and the incorruptibility of Ulysses Grant in a suitable mixing bowl and thoroughly whip. Add at least 3 tsp of an economic deflationary death spiral caused by free-market fundamentalists, rational choice theorists, neoclassical economists, and associated right-wingers, bake for 8 years using a greased, Teflon-coated pan in an oven set to 700 billion degrees.

Serve with braised filet of Rand, spleen of Mises, or liver of Gekko, and finish with a savory demi-glace of privatized profits and socialized losses.

Serves 300 million with all the CheneyBushPaulsonMcCainPalin they can eat.

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KillTheNewRuskinFence said...

Hey, hey, hey: as justified as your criticism of President Cheney and Puppet Boy Bush are, do not for get that the corrupt of Wall Street starts on Mail Street. The muddled thinking in Washington starts in Jeff City and KCMO.

Just look at the terrible terrible waste of A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS on an artsy fartsy ART FENCE at Ruskin High School!

Some of our bad habits start on Blue Ridge Extension. This is the stuff of late nite and Leno and Letterman!