Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Free Market Created A House Of Cards

As we see the continuing implosion on Wall Street, it's apparent now to everyone that this economy of unregulated "free market" wheeling and dealing was just a house of cards inflated by hot, stinky air.

A market with no rules and regulations is what the fat cats have foisted upon us, and by adding that deceptive word "free" they have convinced the rank and file voter that these policies were best for the U.S.

Everyone, including Republicans, Democrats, financial executives and gurus need to come clean about their part in allowing this colosssal market failure to happen. We must have assurances that this will never happen again.

And please, all of the right-wingers who scream constantly about the evils of socialism--take a long period of introspection about what that word means as U.S. taxpayers take responsibility for shoring up these bloated too-large-to-fail financial institutions.

Oh, and in the meantime, we can't put in place a program for taking care of the healthcare needs of all Americans. This is the way it goes, we bail the fat cats out as they bring us to the brink of an economic disaster to rival the great depression, but when we ask for healthcare for all to be administered by an equitable, single-payer system they refuse by calling it "socialized medicine".

Take a long breath of that hot, stinky air and then think about whether you want this current crop of Republicans to continue in power.

I'm voting for Obama/Biden. Time for a sea change in Washington.

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