Saturday, June 07, 2008

Thank You, Hillary

Dear Hillary,

Thank you, for the strength and determination you have shown during the course of this campaign. Although, I'm disappointed with the outcome, I know that your candidacy has furthered the cause of all Americans, especially the 50 plus percent of us who are women.

I will now throw my full support behind Senator Obama, and your endorsement of him highlights all the reasons why we must elect a Democrat this fall.

But, please know Hillary, that if you seek any future office, that I will be first in line to support you with my donations and volunteer in any way I can on your behalf.




Busplunge said...

well said, and I concur in your comments.

Jim Lee

Jason said...

I hope you won't take this as an attack.

How does her candidacy advance the cause of all Americans if many Americans don't share her political views? If someone doesn't believe her views are good for the country it doesn't mean they have an issue with her gender if that's the crux of your proposition.

Betty B. said...

Jason, Since I cannot think of one thing in the policies of the last eight years of the Bush administration that I agree with, or that I think advanced the interests of Americans either at home or abroad, it just naturally follows that any baby step forward is in the interest of all Americans. In my opinion. You are certainly entitled to yours.