Monday, February 04, 2008

Hillary Wins Over Those Who Listen

Jo Mannies, political blogger for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was on C-Span this morning. I just caught the last part, but wanted to paraphrase a caller from New York talking about Hillary Clinton.

A caller from New York called to refute the fact that Hillary is too "polarizing". That is just a myth perpetrated by Fox News and the we-hate-liberals talk radio hosts.

The caller said Hillary won her seat in the senate by winning over the Republicans in upstate New York. At first, mostly women came to her campaign events. She won them over, because she's smart, she knows the issues, she makes sense, and she is convincing. The women would go home and tell their husbands they had become Hillary supporters, and then the sh*t would hit the fan. A lot of the husbands wound up sleeping on the couch.

Then the husbands started talking to each other at the coffee shops, and a few of them started showing up to hear Hillary. She won them over, too.

Hillary won re-election to her seat by working hard and communicating with her constituents. She isn't perfect, but, well....who is?

Hillary has been smeared a thousand times, and 99.9 percent of it is pure right-wing B.S. They have not yet begun to smear Obama, but, trust me, they will do a major hatchet job on him and his lovely wife Michelle, too, if he is on the top of the ticket.

A Clinton-Obama ticket would unite the Democratic party, and have the best chance of winning and getting this country back on track. Let's make history and give the Democrats 16 years in the White House.


Carrie said...

But Hillary IS polarizing. It's not just TV, it's people I know -- people who never even watch Faux News. It's not fair, it's not justified, and it's not rational -- but too many people don't like her. I wish the situation were different, but I don't believe it is. Obama has the ability that Clinton doesn't -- to inspire people, to unite people, to make people believe in government again. He's our best shot against McCain, who is attractive to many independents. JMHO.

Sky Girl said...

I wish Obama could do all the things he talks about. But unless he has some super Harry Potter wizardry I am unaware of, I don't think he can just stroll into DC and make all these changes he's talking about. I think he does have a good chance to win the nomination and beat McCain, but I think he'll be a one-term president. I think his followers won't stick around when they find out he can't wave a wand and unite the country.

If Hillary could just get in there, I think she'd be around for both terms. As Betty says, she's good at winning people over.