Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Four More Years of Aunt Norma

In todays Turner Report, the incompetence of Norma Champion is once again highlighted in her failure to consider legislation submitted in 2006 by Democratic Senator Tim Green, that would have addressed problems with privately owned mental health facilities. Aunt Norma is head of the Senate's Committee on Aging, Families, Mental and Public Health.

Why does it take a tragedy, such as the one that just occurred in Anderson, MO to remind our state government that they have been remiss in protecting those citizens who cannot fend for themselves?

I would like to ask the Republicans who recently re-elected Aunt Norma how they feel about her today. Many of the voters at the polling place where I vote are elderly. Several were on walkers on the last voting day. Do they think Aunt Norma is going to be watching out for them if they or a beloved family member have to enter a managed care facility?

It seems to me that the kindly Aunt Norma is just another wolf in sheep's clothing who passes legislation only if it pleases and/or lines the pocket of a fat cat Republican campaign contributor.

Please write a letter to Aunt Norma, and tell her how you feel about her performance in the Senate. She is yours (and mine) for four more years, like it or not.


Granny Geek said...

Bravo! Thanks for holding her feet to the fire.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling attention to this latest example of norma NOT paying attention. The mental health system in this state is in tatters, and continued efforts by do-gooders to let politicians know about these serious problems do no apparent good.

Bunch of us are meeting with Bob Dixon today to talk about mental health through Medicaid. Let's see what, if anything, he does to help.